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What Do Technicians Typically Look for During a Scheduled Maintenance Visit?

When you have an HVAC system, it is recommended that you schedule routine maintenance twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  Maintenance can be important for preventing serious problems from occurring by catching them in early stages, saving homeowners from larger expenses later.

When a repairman comes for routine maintenance of the furnace they will:

  • Change the filter.  Filters should be changed at least four times a year and inspected every month.
  • Make certain the thermostat is operating accurately.  If it is not accurate, fixing it can help save homeowners money.  You might think you’ve set the thermostat at 68 degrees, but if it warms the house to 70 degrees because the thermostat is inaccurate, you will pay the difference.
  • Check connections, hoses, fluids, and other things that affect how well the motor runs.  This can help find leaks you wouldn’t normally know about.  Fixing them now saves money later.
  • Check the systems control to make certain things are operating carefully.

When a repairman comes for routine air condition maintenance they will:

  • Make certain the condenser coil is clean and operating efficiently;
  • Make certain the thermostat is operating correctly and accurately;
  • Check the motor to make certain it is operating correctly and with the correct power to keep the air conditioner running correctly;
  • The tech will take a reading across the evaporator coil for correct temperature differential;
  • The tech will charge the air conditioner as needed.
  • Regular inspections of the HVAC unit can save money in the long run.  Problems, such as leaks in coils, water or other fluids leaking can cause damage to the system if left unattended.  Regular inspections can help ensure that those problems are caught before they do a large amount of monetary damage.  A leak caught within the first week or two can be corrected.  A leak that isn’t found until the unit stops running correctly could force the owner to purchase a new unit. For all of your HVAC needs, or to schedule a maintenance visit, contact the experts at Westberry Heating and Air Conditioning today!


    What Do Technicians Typically Look for During a Scheduled Maintenance Visit?