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4 Horrifying Indoor Air Quality Facts Everyone Should Know

Your heating and air conditioning system is the key to improving the indoor air quality in your home. Indoor air quality is often horrifying, but your heating and air conditioning system can provide a solution. While there are many concerning issues with the indoor air we breathe, an HVAC system with a built-in filtration system can clean it up so that you have exceptional air in your home. The right HVAC system can handle all the horrifying aspects of indoor air quality.

The reality is that indoor air quality is mostly inferior to outdoor air quality. In fact, it can be as much as 100 times more polluted. Luckily, high-quality air filters, such as HEPA filters, can clean the air you and your family breathe, reducing asthma and other respiratory illnesses suffered by those in your home. Contact our team at Westberry Heating and Air Conditioning now to ensure your heating and air conditioning system is ready to improve your indoor air quality.

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