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FurnacesIn many ways, your furnace is the heart of your home. It springs to life in the coldest months, pumping warm heat through the ducted arteries of your house. It also pushes cool, refreshing air to the right places during the burning heat of summer. And the rest of the year, it keeps your airflow circulating, acting as the primary air filtration system in a majority of homes.

Yes, it certainly makes your home a climate controlled haven. Which is why it can be so hard on you and your family when it starts showing the first signs of problems.

Signs Your Furnace’s Days are Numbered

Short of just up and dying on you, you may not notice some of these subtle signs letting you know it’s time to scrap your old furnace in favor of a new replacement.

  • Your utility bill is higher than Everest.
    As furnaces age, the constant wear and tear begins to degrade overall efficiency. When this starts to happen, your furnace needs more energy to do the same job. Start thinking about cutting your losses and getting a replacement.
  • You are finding dust, rust, or soot particles.
    This is a sure sign that interior components are starting to go. As they breakdown, they get pushed into the general ventilation and then pumped through the remainder of your house. Not healthy, and definitely not good for your home’s interior.
  • The burner flame is flickering yellow.
    Call a professional immediately. If your burner flame isn’t blue, it could be a sign of a toxic carbon monoxide leak. Better to be safe than sorry on this one.
  • Your furnace sounds like it should be in a heavy metal band.
    If you hear thumping, ratting, banging, or other unusual noises, call a professional. You either need immediate service, or your furnace is telling you it’s time to say goodbye.

Where Do I Go to Find a New Furnace?

Give our team a call and we will be happy to talk with you about your furnace needs. We can assess your system, and help you determine if you need a repair or replacement. We’ll find the right furnace for your home and budget, and we can help you install it.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

If you’re looking for a compact solution to free up indoor space, check out our packaged product options.

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