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Germicidal Lights

Germicidal LightsWith indoor air quality at an all-time low, and people spending over 90% of their days indoors, it is hardly surprising to see the massive spike in rates of allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, and other health problems. Think about it; your house is a petri dish composed of constantly circulating pollen spores, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, mold and who knows what else.

To say the statistics are terrifying may be a bit of an understatement. But even though they are quite scary, you can take comfort in the fact there are solutions to the problem. Specifically, an air purification system designed to treat your whole home, with the addition of germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light. Similar to the systems used in hospitals, these lights help prevent the spread of contagious illnesses, like tuberculosis and the flu.

How Germicidal Lights Work

UV light has been scientifically proven to neutralize bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and dust mites. For the specific purpose of whole-home air purification, a UV light is installed somewhere in the vent system, forcing all the air which passes through it to be exposed. Because the air in your home gets circulated as often as fifty times a day, the air you breathe becomes cleaner and cleaner with each pass through.

The repetitive nature and effect of continuous neutralization can have a quick and dramatic impact on your health and symptoms. Over time, you will likely experience a reduction in your allergic symptoms and respiratory infections, as well as an improvement your family’s general health and wellbeing.

Want another bonus? The reduction in mold and mildew spores in your ventilation system helps keep your HVAC coils free of mold and other growths. Your system’s efficiency will improve, as will the overall number of years it continues to provide reliable service.

Where Can I Learn More?

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