Humidity Control

Humidity Control

Have you ever noticed how the temperature outside can feel so much hotter than the thermometer would indicate it should? How the air sometimes feels “heavy”? Or, conversely, how it can feel thin, dry, and painful to inhale? All of these are symptoms associated with varying humidity levels. And, aside from temperature, humidity is the biggest cause of environmental discomfort.

What Makes Air “Humid”

Essentially, humidity is just the amount of water or moisture present in the air at a given time. Excess humidity can make air feel thick. Sometimes it leaves you with a dewy, wet feeling on your skin, causing clothes to stick to your body. But often, humidified air is recommended to ease bronchial issues associated with asthma, coughs and colds.

However, a complete lack of moisture in the air is just as bad. Inhaling dry air can be difficult, especially for people with asthma or other respiratory challenges, causing coughing fits, attacks, and generally making it hard to breathe normally. Even if you are completely healthy, overly dry air may cause your skin and sinuses feel parched, like they could crack and bleed at any moment.

What Is the Best Solution?

As with other climate control products, there is no universal approach. People have individual needs created by both their health and their immediate surroundings. However, if any of the symptoms we described in the previous paragraphs apply to you, then it would be worth looking into a humidity control solution.

It’s also wise to realize your needs may differ greatly between summer and winter. In the summer, heavy and constant humidity may drive you crazy. But in the winter, the air could feel so dry that it hurts to breathe. Choosing a solution with both humidification and dehumidification offers you the most flexibility throughout the year, allowing you to adjust with the varying seasons. And having it integrated into your home system makes it easier to manage throughout your whole home.

Want to Learn More?

If you live in or around Savannah, the best thing to do is call our friendly humidity control professionals. We’re here to answer your questions, and help you design the best solution for you and your family. Contact us and we’ll get your in-home assessment scheduled immediately.

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Humidity Control