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How Often Should I Expect a Routine HVAC Maintenance Visit?

Maintenance agreements and inspections are helpful in prolonging the life of your HVAC system. When you forgo annual inspections and maintenance, you risk having unnecessary and expensive issues with your system down the road. Routine maintenance also supports efficient circulation and safe ventilation, which often results in cash savings on your utility bills and a healthier and happier family.

What to Expect from Maintenance Agreements and Inspections

Your maintenance agreement should outline at least two maintenance visits per year. A standard maintenance agreement between you and the provider will describe the perks, benefits, and terms of regular HVAC maintenance. With many service providers, you receive two complimentary tune-ups each year as part of your maintenance agreement membership.

If your service provider doesn't offer regular tune-ups as part of your agreement, then it makes sense to seek out a provider who does provide this essential service. You should be able to ask questions and understand the details of your maintenance plan. If it doesn’t seem to cover what you need for your HVAC system, there are many other companies out there who can provide the right kind of maintenance agreements and inspections to keep your system running optimally at a price that works with your budget.

Why Choose Westberry for Your HVAC Maintenance Agreement

As part of Westberry Heating & Air Conditioning’s maintenance agreement, you'll receive two precision system tune-ups in a year, same-day appointments, 20 percent off of IAQ products, 10 percent off on duct cleaning, and a 20 percent discount on repairs. We also offer a Service Club membership with even more discounts and benefits. You will be receiving a great value for your money, regardless of which Westberry membership you choose.

Get in touch with our team of experts at Westberry Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about the maintenance agreements and inspections we offer to keep your HVAC running smoothly. We are here to support all of your HVAC needs. Infographic about maintenance agreements


How Often Should I Expect a Routine HVAC Maintenance Visit?