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5 Most Common Causes for Air Conditioning Failure

Even as residents seek to prevent complete air conditioning failure, they also wonder what steps in preventative planning best eliminate ineffective AC performance. The following

5 HVAC tech tips straight from the pros will point out the most common reasons that A/C systems fail.

  1. Improper System Operation
  2. Improper system operation is the most common cause for air conditioning failure. Why? Because homeowners often overlook the importance of a controlled A/C environment.

  3. Poor System Drainage
  4. Poor system drainage can be linked to excessive outside humidity, clogged drain lines, and even poor system installation wherein the drain line is incorrectly leveled.

  5. Inadequate System Maintenance
  6. Failure to follow routine HVAC maintenance assures that your home will eventually experience an unnecessary air conditioning failure. Routine HVAC maintenance helps prevent system breakdowns and reduces unnecessary repair cost.

  7. Improper HVAC Installation
  8. How well do you know your service HVAC tech? Incorrect system sizing, system installation and electrical configurations affect the efficiency and performance of your installed heating and cooling equipment. Don’t live with leaky ducts, insufficient airflow or even some worse HVAC installation air conditioning failure.

  9. Faulty Sensors
  10. HVAC techs report defective sensors among the top five reasons behind poor AC performance. Faulty sensors result in erratic system behavior, including excessive system cycling.

Protecting Your Home HVAC Investment

Annual maintenance has been and will likely always be the best way to prevent unexpected air conditioning failure. It’s about keeping your AC at peak performance efficiency. Reduce the possibility of HVAC breakdowns. Check out the cumulative benefits of our Westberry Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Program. Contact us today!


5 Most Common Causes for Air Conditioning Failure