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Benefits of Using an Office Dehumidifier This Summer

As your business heating and air conditioning system begins to face the hottest days of the year, you may find the air inside your building continues to get stuffier and stuffier. It’s difficult to get comfortable in an office that has humid air, and it is also more difficult for your HVAC to do its job. This is where an office dehumidifier can be a beneficial addition to your climate control plan for your business.

What Are the Benefits of an Office Dehumidifier?

The number one benefit, you and your staff will notice immediately when you use a dehumidifier is more comfortable air quality. The stuffiness will be gone and instead you will have cool air that doesn’t feel damp and sticky. But that’s not all you will notice! Here are some other benefits you can expect when you incorporate an office dehumidifier this summer:

  • Fresher air: Humid office air can allow mold and mildew to accumulate. Not only can this stink up the environment, it can also become a health hazard. The last thing you want is your employees breathing in unhealthy air. A dehumidifier will keep the indoor humidity where it belongs—between 35% and 45%. This will ensure nothing is growing and potentially making people in the office sick.
  • Higher energy efficiency: When the air inside your office is too humid, your HVAC has a hard time keeping up. It may end up running continuously in attempt to keep the environment comfortable. This will means you will be using far more energy—and that costs your business money. It also increases the wear and tear on your HVAC system. Adding a dehumidifier as a comfort accessory will enable your system to work more efficiently.

Let Westberry Help You Find the Right Office Dehumidifier

Our expert HVAC team at Westberry Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help you assess your heating and air conditioning system to find the perfect office dehumidifier. We want to help you achieve a higher level of office comfort and healthier indoor air quality this summer, so get in touch with us today.


Benefits of Using an Office Dehumidifier This Summer